Why Online Video Based Courses are the Best Way to Learn

Online video-based classes are no longer a unique development in the insurance business. In fact, they’re rapidly changing the entire experience of the insurance education process—for the better... [Read More]

What's the difference Between Personal Lines and P&C?

Prospective agents must first be licensed in the state they plan to sell insurance in if they want to sell to consumers. The license known as the property and casualty license is what is offered by most states.... [Read More]

Job Interview Tips for Prospective Insurance Agents

If you’re trying to get hired by an insurance company or agency, check out these interviewing tips for nailing the interview and jumpstarting your insurance career.  Job interview success begins with a strong basis... [Read More]

Do Pre-Licensing Requirements Vary by State?

Insurance agents play a crucial role in our day-to-day lives. After all, providing the public with insurance coverage to protect our businesses and families is no small endeavor. Most of us depend on the protections... [Read More]

Insurance Careers--Management

If you have considered a role in the insurance field or already in the industry, consider yourself ahead of the game. In an industry projected to grow tremendously in the next few years, there is... [Read More]

EVERYBODY Should Increase Their Section II Coverage

Your insurance education will include a substantial amount of information on homeowners insurance. This article will discuss the liability section of the standard homeowners insurance policy, including how to know... [Read More]

What Licenses are Required to Sell Annuities?

If you’re an insurance producer interested in selling annuities, this article will examine the different types of licensing and educational requirements, and help you determine which license is right for you... [Read More]

Difference Between Insurance Agent, Broker and Producer

Insurance agents, brokers and producers all play a central role in making the insurance business run effectively. It’s probably fair to say that most people, however, aren’t exactly certain what the... [Read More]

Common Frustrations of New Insurance Agents

While the insurance business can be a very lucrative one for agents who dedicate themselves with time and effort, it can be very frustrating—especially for the new insurance agent. Here are some of the most common... [Read More]

Insurance Careers--Underwriting

Perhaps a more commonly known career path in the insurance industry is that of an underwriter. Underwriters may be employed by either the insurance company or an independent brokerage... [Read More]

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