Our Online Insurance Pre-License Classroom is much more than just video of some "teacher" scribbling on a white board about general concepts that MAY be testable is some states, on some tests…but not necessarily the test you are preparing for.

The online insurance license exam video is interactive. After you see and hear a testable concept, you must immediately reinforce the concept with a quiz question to move the video forward.

Trust us, OUR SYSTEM WORKS! The Virtual Learning Experience forces you to retain the necessary information.

We guarantee you will pass the insurance license exam using our system. 

LATITUDE and TESTivity have spent years developing a web based insurance license exam video product that delivers EXACTLY what is on the test. No fluff, no filler, no informational tidbits….ONLY WHAT IS ON THE TEST! At this point in your life, you need to pass an exam, that’s it. You can worry about learning the industry once you have your insurance license.

Your virtual instructor is Matt Williams. Matt has been teaching this curriculum for over 10 years and has helped literally thousands of people pass their exam on their first attempt. Matt has obtained the Series 7, 8, 24, 63 and 65 FINRA/NASAA investment licenses, the Life & Health, Property & Casualty and Adjuster insurance licenses. Matt currently holds the CLU, ChFC, and CFP© professional designations; and is a certified trainer in adult education.

More importantly, Matt teaches what is on the Insurance and/or Securities license test and makes learning fun.

Matt will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to pass the licensing exam and…


Here is a short clip that illustrates Matt's teaching style.

Matt does not just tell you the information.

Matt tells you why and how the information is relevant to the subject matter and makes it easy to understand, retain and most importantly...


When you are in the testing center taking the Life & Health or Property & Casualty Insurance license exam YOU WILL BE staring at a question about “Entire Contract Clause”. 

In this clip, Matt is discussing Participation Percentage requirements in group insurance policies.

Have you already taken the L&H insurance license test? You saw questions about Participation Percentages didn't you?

It wasn't in "the other guy's" study material was it?

Don't you wish you had taken our online insurance exam crash course so you would have known what the heck they were talking about!?!

This clip of the life and health insurance video course illustrates Matt's ability to help you understand and remember complicated testable concepts with little or no effort on your part.

All you have to do is grab some popcorn and a cold frothy beverage...and engage.

When you see "Adverse Selection" on the L&H exam you will remember this story, and you will know exactly what they are talking about! 

In this clip, Matt talks about how HIPAA (which is a health insurance concept) DOES show up on the Life insurance exam.

When you have a Virtual Instructor to tell you EXACTLY what is on the exam, it becomes an EASY test!

Enroll now...

It is time to


Here we have a sample clip about risk management techniques. This clip proves that knowing how insurance works in the REAL WORLD is not necessarily what you need to know to pass the exam!

The TESTivity Virtual Learning Experience has hours and hours of Matt telling you EXACTLY what is on the exam!


Matt teaches what is on the test and makes learning fun.

Matt will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to pass the insurance licensing exam and…



Virtual Video Course

The Virtual Learning Experience is AMAZING!

Please take a minute to experience the interactive insurance license video course samples above...You will agree, the LATITUDE Insurance & Securities Test Prep's online insurance licensing video course is the best way to prepare for your FINRA/NASAA and/or state insurance licensing exam.

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