We offer the most comprehensive online insurance school programs available anywhere.  We have built the most effective online training platform in existence all in a pursuit to assist you in passing your exam on your first attempt. With our online insurance school, convenience, value and simplicity are just a mouse click away! We specialize in providing you with the best insurance exam study material available, which will ensure that you pass your exam on your first attempt and get your insurance license.  

Over the years we have seen massive amounts of research into adult learning modalities. The term “learning modalities” refers to all the different ways in which people absorb, process, retain, and demonstrate what they know. Much like the same shoe size doesn't fit everyone, neither does a single learning environment or instructional method. Insurance license candidates come from different locales, cultures, life experiences and different educational backgrounds. Different learning modalities have been recognized and integrated into our insurance license test prep course.  For instance, inductive Vs. deductive; global Vs. analytical; linear, intuitive, systematic, visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. We understand that everyone approaches learning differently…

We've got YOU covered.

We have built up an online insurance course that is far better than the conventional insurance test prep classroom environment.  We call it the "Virtual Learning Experience". The adaptability of the Virtual Learning Experience permits you to learn on your schedule.  The capacity to stop, pause, rewind and repeat modules (or the whole course) will enhance your comprehension of key ideas and improve your ability to remember.  Our online insurance school uses an assortment of tools, and strategies to take advantage of the favored modalities you use to approach learning. While the content covered within each of our instructional tools is based on the DOI (Department of Insurance) exam content outline; providing several choices in instructional delivery allows you to match your learning preferences, and strengths to the tools in the course that best help you retain the necessary information to pass the exam and get an insurance license. 

Online Pre License Insurance Test Exam Study Materials
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Online Pre License Test Exam Video Course

Insurance PreLicense Video Course

Online Pre License Test Exam Book Course

Insurance Exam Virtual Text Book

Online Pre License Test Exam Audio Course

Insurance License Exam Audio Course

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Learning Games for Insurance Exam

Online Pre License Test Exam Games Course

Mind Mapping Graphics

Insurance exam audio flash cards

Online Insurance Exam Flash Cards 

Online Insurance License Test Exam Course

Glossary of Insurance License Exam Terms

Online insurance Pre License Test Exam Flash Cards Course

Practice Questions & Exam Simulator 

Online Pre License Test Exam Professor

Personal Coach

EVERYTHING is included in our full course, The TESTivity Virtual Learning Experience.



We are the only pre-license test prep provider confident enough in their product and process to offer a money back guarantee. 

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--Matt Williams, CLU, ChFC, CFP 

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--Jeff S.  

Online Pre License Insurance Test Professor
Online Pre License Test Exam Professor

"When I enrolled I knew NOTHING about insurance...I was done with the online course and had my life & health insurance license in 5 days!   Thanks for all your help and keep up the good work." 

--Carlos R.

"As a recruiter at a large call center we rely on TESTivity exclusively...Every year we run several hundred people through the Virtual Learning Experience. Not only do we consistently have pass ratios over 90% the scores are solid.  Our students do more than just pass, they master the material using TESTivity."

--Sofia C. 

Online Pre License Exam Test  Professor

The Insurance Licensing Exam Virtual Learning Experience is AMAZING! This package includes EVERYTHING you need to pass the insurance licensing exam!

  • Interactive Video Course
  • Virtual Textbook
  • Audio Reinforcement
  • Virtual Flash Cards
  • TESTivity Mind Maps
  • Interactive Crossword Puzzles
  • Quizzes and Exam Simulator
Virtual Learning Experience--Includes Everything!

The Virtual Learning Experience is AMAZING!

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