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I can't say enough good things about Latitude Online Insurance School.

The training is comprehensive, easy to understand and was the main reason for my success in the state exam.

Obviously, you get as much out of any training as the energy you put into it, but I enjoyed every minute of the online courses and tutorials. I was able to spend as much time as needed on each individual lesson, since the way the information is presented makes it easy for even a relative novice to understand.

This is by far the best program I've ever worked with and highly recommend it.

--Raymond, Texas Life & Health Course

Wouldn’t change a thing!

It seems like they have this course perfected. I love the package deal you get for the price you pay.

--Lauren, Alabama Property & Casualty Course

"Definitely a well thought out application"

I have taken a variety of classes, used many books to study and have not had this much success in many many years. It was a split second decision and I finally knew that I needed to switch it up and try something different. Ordered the online course and I truly have to say this is the best thing I have ever come across. It was easy to understand, I followed the course to a T. I took my test and scored in the upper 80's. If I need to get any other type of licensing I would definitely choose this method was a different but effective way to get and retain information because of the ease of the learning courses. This was definitely a well thought out application.

--Kara, Utah Property & Casualty Course

"I loved the interactiveness"

Excellent! I love the one on one time the fact that I could learn at my own pace. I loved the interactiveness of the software. It helped my learning curve increase.

--Ramon, Arizona Health Insurance Course

"...far exceeded my expectations"

After doing my research for different online insurance licensing courses, I came across and it has helped me tremendously! I haven't been in school for years and having to keep up with book work terrified me. That's what I expected but this program was far from my expectations. It tailors the program to each individual, where if you're a visual learner you can use the flash cards and textbook, but if audio helps you like it does me, you can listen to the audio reinforcement. That was my favorite part about this course because I could be driving to work while listening to the audio reinforcement in my car. I'm so thankful I took this course because I don't think I would have gotten my insurance license as easy if it wasn't for!

--Cooper, Alabama Life & Health Insurance Course

"a dream come true..."

As someone who has difficulty with traditional "textbook learning", the Latitude Online Insurance School was a dream come true- I had wanted desperately to learn the inner workings of the insurance/investment world, but felt overwhelmed. The program's "virtual learning environment" allows you to take the course at YOUR speed, and facilitates learning by allowing you to pause/repeat slides, as well as tests to make sure you have gained a mastery at the topic at hand.

--Nicole, Texas Health Insurance Course

"...5+ stars"

The course is fully interactive, voiced clearly, and professionally built. All the guess work is taken out of trying to organize all of the information and prepare for your exam. All you have to do is apply yourself and continue on to the next module-it's really that easy! I can't begin to express how pleased I am with this course. 5+ stars!

--Steven, Alaska Life Insurance Course

"...THE best course I have ever taken"

This Insurance School is by far THE best course I have ever taken, when it comes to delivering on its promises. I passed my exams with total ease and never had an issue retaining information or experiencing learning difficulties. What I love the most is how they offer you literally all types of learning approaches for all the needs of people. I am personally a very visual person, so I could use the video courses, mind maps and crossword puzzles to help me retain what I learnt so much quicker. I am really happy to have stumbled upon this site!

--Josh, Idaho P&C Course

"...passed the exam the first time"

When I decided to make a career change, I didn't have the luxury of taking a lot of courses and time to study. I needed to jump right in and start working as an assistant. I finished the course in one week, practiced the tests and passed the exam the first time. Thanks a lot to Latitude Online Insurance School you are the best!

--Vanessa, North Dakota Insurance Licensing Course

"I Highly recommended!"

This company offers professional & convenient training for your licensing. You can attend virtual classes, 29 modules of great info with progress reviews, mind maps, audio reinforcements and more. I Highly recommended!

--George, Texas L&H Insurance Licensing Course

"....allows you to absorb the learning materials in a number of different ways"

This course was the most flexible and ideal way for me to learn and retain the subject matter. This comprehensive virtual learning experience allows you to study at your own pace and on your own schedule – anytime, anywhere. It also allows you to absorb the learning materials in a number of different ways. The graphics, videos and quizzes were all very helpful. I enjoyed the different methods used and I also liked that I could stop and go back to where I left off at a later time. This course really put me at the controls of my learning experience and was an excellent resource throughout.

--Therin, Utah Personal Lines Insurance Licensing Course

"I really enjoyed the interactive aspects..."

I really enjoyed the interactive aspects of this course. It helps with all learning curves.

--Hubert, Nevada personal Lines Insurance Course

"...the course material is excellent"

Matt is a great coach, explaining everything in plain English and in an easy, friendly manner. When he describes himself as a virtual tutor, that's exactly what you're getting. In addition, the course material is excellent, with a broad range of slide presentations, interactive quiz questions and video clips to things varied and to cater for different styles of learning. With periodic refresher audio clips and a lengthy and all-encompassing final exam to work through, the whole course is professionally put together and very comprehensive. I have undertaken a number of online courses from Lynda, Coursera and others, and this course easily rivals them in terms of the sheer information and variety. I feel confident that for anyone seeking to pass the insurance licensing examination, Matt's course will be the only resource you could possibly need.

--John, Arizona P&C Insurance Licensing Course

"...very impressed..."

I am very impressed with the care and the structure of the Latitude Online’s insurance course It is truly designed to help all individuals learn both simple and complex insurance terms and concepts and more importantly, assist people in passing professional insurance licensure exams. This course contains information in a multitude of modes, meaning that it covers many types of learners: auditory, visual and even tactile through the interactive learning components. The visual learner can read and gain information through images and mind maps. The auditory learner is greatly enhanced by the use of video and being able to hear the information spoken. The tactile learner can use the interactive models to learn by a sense of touch and play.

--Beau, Vermont P&C Insurance Licensing Course

"...instructor is highly skilled at breaking down insurance terms"

This course has something for everyone and also includes the more standard forms of study aids like flash cards, puzzles and quizzes. Another great highlight of this program is that the instructor is highly skilled at breaking down insurance terms by providing real-world examples to help the student gain more than just a rudimentary understanding of a concept. Throughout all of the training videos are comprehension questions that help to imprint the information on the mind. The virtual instructor is also mindful as he provides possible variations of questions that may appear on the exams, helping you to understand and know how the questions will be presented and asked. Overall, this is a great course that I highly recommend! It’s a wonderful guide and study tool, designed to help you pass your insurance exams!

--Lee, New Jersey L&H Insurance Licensing Course

"I like how there is a quiz after every module..."

This online course is incredible! It is very easy to navigate and the content is very helpful. It takes you through all the topics step by step and I like how there is a quiz after every module so that you can test your knowledge of the certain area of insurance you went over. My favorite part of the course was learning about Whole life insurance.

--Nancy, North Carolina Life Insurance Licensing Course

"...easy to understand..."

Before taking this course I had no knowledge of insurance. Insurance was just a word for me. Now I don’t think there is anything at all that I don’t know about insurance. This course is easy to understand and is very detailed. Its money well spent. Thanks guys.

--Paul, Pennsylvania Health Insurance Licensing Course

"...It made all the difference for me."

When I decided to become an insurance agent, there were several options that I weighed in order to prep for my licensure test. I ended up going with, and I’m so glad I did! The amount of resources they offer is astounding, and the interface was easy to use and work through. I don’t know that I would have been able to learn the amount that I did in the period of time I had if I hadn’t used I took the test and gained my license, which was just what I was going for. However, because of the amount of information of which I’d been exposed, I walked into my profession with a lot of extra knowledge and tips that a few of my longer-practicing colleagues didn’t have. I recommend it very highly to anyone who is interested in selling insurance or set out on the path. It made all the difference for me.

--Zack, Utah P&C Insurance Licensing Course

"I made a 92 on the exam..."

This course is very thorough and engaging. I had taken another online course from a different company and had a difficult time comprehending the material. The interactive aspects of this course helped me to truly learn the material. I made a 92 on the exam. I can't remember any specifics that need to be added to the course.

--Carrie, Alabama Life Insurance Course