If You KNOW the Material...You Will PASS the Exam

But even the most qualified candidates make mistakes.  Here are some tips that your TESTivity Virtual Instructor has collected over the years to help you pass the insurance license test and... [Read More]

Preparing for Your State Insurance Licensing Exam

The romantic idea of “cramming” for a test has stood the test of time. Recent research, however, shows that this is an ineffective strategy. The largest issue with cramming, according to UCLA researchers ... [Read More]

Do I Need a License to Sell ObamaCare Insurance Plans?

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) is in its full swing and everyone is rushing to get health coverage and utilize the advantages associated with the law. The changes mandated by the law have already... [Read More]

State Exchanges Vs. Healthcare.gov

Getting a health insurance plan can be complicated, the terms exchange, marketplace, and Healthcare.gov can also confuse a first timer. As the November 1 approach for the open enrollment to kick off, advertisements are... [Read More]

Practice Questions are Essential When Preparing for Your Exam

Studying for your state insurance exam is a skill that you can polish and perfect. This article is designed to help you improve your chances of passing the insurance exam and... [Read More]

Consider a Career as a Licensed Insurance Agent

For recent graduates, or even for those brave souls looking for a career change, the thought of a career in insurance just doesn’t have the same sparkle as, say, a job with that whiz-bang tech startup... [Read More]

Is ObamaCare Real Insurance?

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) commonly referred to as ObamaCare was signed into law by (former) President Obama in March of 2010. ACA revolutionized the healthcare landscape and... [Read More]

How Difficult is the Insurance Exam?

Here's the thing, everyone takes tests differently and what may seem easy to one person but may be super difficult to another. And the truth is that the licensing exam covers a lot of information... [Read More]

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