How Difficult is the Insurance License Exam?

Here's the thing, everyone takes tests differently and what may seem easy to one person but may be super difficult to another. And the truth is that the licensing exam covers a lot of information. The information is pretty broad and doesn't go too deep thankfully but is still a lot of information. So instead of worrying about how hard the exam is, get familiar with what is on the exam.

Licensing Exam Facts
Look it's a test, so the questions are not going to be obvious. They design the questions to trip you up. And there are a quite a few questions. But if you study its information that you have gone over. Just take your time (it is timed, but you should still have enough time to pace yourself) and read the questions and answers a couple of times to be sure you understand what it is asking. This is not the type of test you want to rush through. However, even if you forget everything and entirely blank, you can retake the test.
What Happens If You Fail?
While, yes it sucks you didn't pass, you can take the test again. The upside is now that you have taken it; you know what to expect. After you have finished with the exam, you will get a printout of the test that tells you all the areas that you were tested over, which means you can see what areas you need to study harder in. If possible, try to reschedule your test as soon as you can and hit the books again. Also, if you fail, it doesn't mean you will be a terrible agent. Some people are just not good test takers. And that's okay. But you must pass the exam to sell insurance, so studying every day until your retest is a good strategy.
Prepare with a Pre-licensing Course
Not all states will require it, but it is a good idea to take a pre-licensing study course prior to taking your Property and Casualty licensing exam. Not only will it help you make sense of the material, but it will help you and stay on track with your studying. Our online insurance school offers a virtual learning program that allows you to review the material when it's convenient for you. This means you can stop, pause, rewind and repeat modules (or the whole course) at any point helping you retain the information better. We believe in our school so much that if you don't pass on the first try, we will refund your money spent on the online course. It's our goal to teach you the information you need to pass your exam on the first go around.

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The Virtual Learning Experience is AMAZING!

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