Getting Licensed to Sell Insurance in Multiple States

If you’re an insurance broker or customer service employee in the insurance business, you’re already well aware that you need to get an insurance license to transact—or even discuss... [Read More]

So, You've Decided to become an Insurance Agent...Now What?

Insurance agents are responsible for selling insurance policies, and making lives of people better and secured. Insurance agents sell various types of insurance for health, life, automobile etc... [Read More]

Riders, Floaters & Endorsements...They Mean the Same Thing

Endorsement, rider, and floater are insurance terms that are often used interchangeably—but are often misunderstood. In general, they refer to changes made to an insurance policy... [Read More]

Captive Vs Independent Insurance Agents

When it comes to the insurance professional, there are generally two kinds of agents: the independent agent and the captive agent.Let’s take a look at how these two types of agents differ... [Read More]

Insurance Careers--Training

A career in insurance doesn't mean you are limited to a sales position only.  You may also choose to become a trainer in your particular niche. Insurance is an industry that will continue to grow as... [Read More]

What Skills are Required to Work in The Insurance Industry?

There’s a question that torments every prospective insurance agent: “How do I really know if I have what it takes to make it in this business?” Just because you have an insurance license doesn’t automatically mean a career... [Read More]

Will Bad Credit Affect My Insurance Premiums?

Your state insurance exam will likely include questions relating to personal credit scores and how they affect insurance premiums. Continuing with our series on insurance exam test tips, in this article... [Read More]

The Difference Between Dwelling and Homeowners Insurance

The differences between homeowners insurance and dwelling coverage are often misunderstood—even by experienced insurance agents. One of the goals of property and casualty... [Read More]

Can Insurance Agents Share Commissions with Clients?

As an insurance agent, you should be extremely careful with gift-giving when it comes to prospects and customers. Offering something of value to a client or prospect can cause you to violate... [Read More]

Insurance Careers--Compliance

Insurance covers a wide range of products like healthcare, auto, home, life, and business protection to name a few. While these insurance products may vary in the coverage they provide, the common thread is... [Read More]

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