Insurance Careers--Training

A career in insurance doesn't mean you are limited to a sales position only.  You may also choose to become a trainer in your particular niche. Insurance is an industry that will continue to grow as our needs for protection change and evolve.

So what types of training job are there? Well, you could be a trainer in the claims department, underwriter trainer, sales trainer and that is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Motivated and knowledgeable individuals are also needed to teach insurance licensing classes, insurance CE classes as well as instructors to teach certification classes.  

Let's face not everyone is suited for a sales position and some people are just natural teachers.  If you lead to help others and the insurance industry seems like a good fit for you, you may seek out a role as a trainer.

Qualifications for an Insurance Trainer

While it's not required that you possess an insurance license to train. It may be harder to be hired without one.

Most trainers will need a working knowledge of the insurance industry, plus a background in the field they are training in. Maybe you've already obtained your insurance license and found that sales weren't for you. Or perhaps you are just looking for a change because you will stagnant in your current field. If you have a finance background, a training position in the insurance industry may be the next natural step.

To gain insight into the industry as a newbie, taking a pre-licensing course may be a great option. Plus, being proactive and obtaining your insurance license may increase your chances of getting hired.

Love Insurance?

Insurance is complex. That’s why agents, underwriters, adjusters, and regulators spend so much time reading, studying and learning, no matter how much time they have spent in the industry.

If you the following applies to you, you may be ready to teach others.

  • You like insurance. You enjoy learning about how policies work. You like to read the policy language and make it make sense.  While some may think that the language is complicated, it makes sense to you.

  • You can explain it in simple language. You are a linguist and can speak both insurance and English. You made it part of your purpose to be an insurance translator to those who can't seem to understand.

  • You like talking. Not because you like the attention but because you want to connect with people and help them connect the dots to get from where they were to where they need to be. You get energized watching people go from bored to interested then engaged and finally getting it.

Salaries for trainers may vary more than any other field. Compensation will depend on the field you are teaching in, whether you are on the company side, agent side or the education side. It will also depend on your location and experience. For example most sales trainers make an average of $76,000.

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