Common Uses of Decreasing Term Life Insurance

It’s likely that you already have a good grasp on the differences between whole life and term life insurance from insurance school, but let’s take a deeper dive into the nuances of term life insurance with respect to... [Read More]

Can Insurance Agents Pay for Referrals?

As an insurance agent in training, you can expect questions on your insurance exam about the ethical and legal implications regarding the sharing of commissions. Insurance school likely would have... [Read More]

Why Insurance Agents Get a Bad Rap...

The insurance profession doesn’t have the best of reputations. With its complicated policy language and insider jargon, it’s easy for the consumer to point the finger at those selling the product as sleazy... [Read More]



Can I Get an Insurance Job Without a License?

Can you get an insurance job without a license? Good question. The simple answer is yes, you can. There are, in fact, thousands of jobs in the insurance business that do not require a license. However, most of... [Read More]

What is the Fastest Way to Get an Insurance License?

If you’ve decided on a career in insurance, congratulations! The insurance business can be a very rewarding and meaningful career choice for both young agents new to the business world, and also... [Read More]

The Art of Asking for Referrals when Selling Insurance

One of the best sources of business for many small insurance agencies is the referral and the reason should be obvious. When customers are pleased with the service they receive, they often tell others about it. Referrals are... [Read More]


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