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The TESTivity Virtual Learning Experience is a web based pre-license course that includes all the study material you could possibly need to prepare for (and pass) your Alabama Life, Accident & Health, Property & Casualty and Investment License exams.

--Matt Williams CLU, ChFC, CFP®


Simply because it is the best way to prepare for the Alabama insurance exam, at our insurance school we strongly suggest you enroll in the full test prep course--Virtual Learning Experience. To accommodate those Alabama insurance license candidates who only need part of the course, you may purchase prelicense study material/learning tools separately below.

The full course includes ALL of these learning tools.

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"...far exceeded my expectations"

After doing my research for different online insurance licensing courses, I came across and it has helped me tremendously! I haven't been in school for years and having to keep up with book work terrified me. That's what I expected but this program was far from my expectations. It tailors the program to each individual, where if you're a visual learner you can use the flash cards and textbook, but if audio helps you like it does me, you can listen to the audio reinforcement. That was my favorite part about this course because I could be driving to work while listening to the audio reinforcement in my car. I'm so thankful I took this course because I don't think I would have gotten my insurance license as easy if it wasn't for!

--Cooper, Alabama Life & Health Insurance Course

Wouldn’t change a thing!

It seems like they have this course perfected. I love the package deal you get for the price you pay.

--Lauren, Alabama Property & Casualty Course

"I made a 92 on the exam..."

This course is very thorough and engaging. I had taken another online course from a different company and had a difficult time comprehending the material. The interactive aspects of this course helped me to truly learn the material. I made a 92 on the exam. I can't remember any specifics that need to be added to the course.

--Carrie, Alabama Life Insurance Course

Alabama Insurance School Study Material for the Licensing Exam--Product Samples

Online Pre License Test Exam Video Course Alabama

Alabama Insurance Exam PreLicense Video Course

Online Pre License Test Exam Book Course Alabama

Alabama Insurance Exam Virtual Text Book

Online Pre License Test Exam Audio Course Alabama

Alabama Insurance License Exam Audio Course

Online Pre License Test Exam Games Course Alabama

Learning Games for the Alabama Insurance Exam

Online Pre License Test Exam Course Alabama

Mind Mapping Graphics--Alabama Insurance Test Prep

Online Pre License Test Exam Flash Cards Course Alabama

Online Alabama Insurance Exam Flash Cards 

Online Pre License Test Exam Course Alabama

Alabama Insurance Test Practice Questions & Exam Simulator 

Online Pre License Test Exam Course Alabama

Glossary of Insurance License Exam Terms

Online Pre License Test Exam Professor Alabama

Personal Coach--Alabama Insurance Exam Expert

EVERYTHING is included in our online Alabama insurance license course, the TESTivity Virtual Learning Experience.

Everything you need to know about how to get an insurance license in Alabama...

What are the questions on the Alabama insurance exam like? Do you have any sample insurance test questions?

    The questions in our insurance exam simulator are VERY representative of the questions on the Alabama state licensing exam. Here are a couple examples of what you can expect:
Alabama Insurance School Sample Practice Questions from the Licensing Exam

Property & Casualty

In a homeowners' policy, a mortgagee must be provided by the insurer with what amount of written notice if an insured's policy is canceled for non-payment of premium?

  1. 30 days notice
  2. 10 days notice
  3. 20 days notice
  4. 45 days notice

Life & Health

Ken has an annuity with a period certain. Ken dies shortly after annuitizing but before the period certain has elapsed. Which of the following is true?

  1. Remaining period certain benefits will be paid to the beneficiary for the rest of the certain period.
  2. Remaining period certain benefits will be retained by the insurer
  3. Remaining period certain benefits will be paid to Ken’s estate.
  4. Remaining period certain benefits will be paid in lump sum distribution to the beneficiary.

Alabama Insurance Regulations

Who determines a person's eligibility for Workers Compensation coverage:

  1. Eligibility is determined by Alabama state law
  2. The Director of Insurance
  3. The Underwriter
  4. The Producer

Answer: B

If the insurer cancels, it must provide 10 days written notice to the first named insured and the mortgagee if the reason for cancellation is non-payment of premium. For any other reason, the insurer must provide 30 days written notice.

Answer: A

With a period certain payout option, monthly payments are guaranteed for the life of the annuitant and if the annuitant dies during the period certain, payments are guaranteed to the designated beneficiary for the remainder of the period certain.

Answer: A 

Workers Comp eligibility is regulated at the state level, Alabama determines the eligibility requirements.

Insurance exam practice questions and the exam simulator are included in our online Alabama insurance license course, the TESTivity Virtual Learning Experience.


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Where is you Alabama insurance school located?

    The best way to prepare for your Alabama insurance exam is through the TESTivity Virtual Learning Experience, which is entirely online. Occasionally we are asked to provide a live class for a large group. When we teach class in the Birmingham area we use the Eagle Point Business Center conference room located at:

    4000 Eagle Point Corporate Drive Birmingham, AL 35242


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Are you an approved insurance pre-license education provider in Alabama?

    Yes. TESTivity is an approved provider in Alabama (provider #23300462). The TESTivity Virtual Learning Experience is is an Alabama approved insurance prelicense course for the following:


  • Alabama Life – 20 hour course on Life Insurance or 40 hour course on Life & Health Insurance
  • AlabamaAccident & Health or Sickness (Disability) – 20 hour course on Health Insurance or 40 hour course on Life & Health Insurance
  • AlabamaCombined Life/Accident & Health or Sickness (Disability) – 40 hour course on Life & Health Insurance
  • AlabamaCombined Property & Casualty – 40 hour course on Property & Casualty Insurance
  • AlabamaPersonal Lines – 20 hour course on Personal Lines Insurance or 40 hour course on Property & Casualty Insurance

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Who issues insurance licenses in the state of Alabama? How do I contact them?

    The Alabama Department of insurance. Their physical address is:
    201 Monroe Street Suite 502 Montgomery, AL 36104

    Mailing address:
    P O Box 303351 Montgomery, AL 36130-3351

  • Phone: 334-241-4126
  • Email:
  • Fax: 334-240-3282

  • Need a Map?     Click Here.

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Am I required to take a class before I can get an insurance license in Alabama?

    Yes. Pre-license education is required in Alabama.

    For any line of authority, you must complete a pre-licensing course of study before taking any examination. It is mandatory that the pre-licensing course consist of 20 classroom hours per line of authority or equal individual instruction, on the overall principle of insurance relating to that line of authority.

    You can sit for the insurance producer examination as soon as you complete the appropriate pre-licensing course. Be sure to have your valid photo ID and an original certificate of completion from an approved pre-licensing provider with you when you arrive to take you examination because you will be asked at the venue. Just in case you don’t have the original certificate with you at that moment, you may present a copy with a notary stamp and signatures legible by proctor.

    The lines of authority requiring a prelicensing course are as follows:

  • Life – 20 hour course on Life Insurance or 40 hour course on Life & Health Insurance
  • Accident & Health or Sickness (Disability) – 20 hour course on Health Insurance or 40 hour course on Life & Health Insurance
  • Combined Life / Accident & Health or Sickness (Disability) – 40 hour course on Life & Health Insurance
  • Combined Property & Casualty – 40 hour course on Property & Casualty Insurance
  • Personal Lines – 20 hour course on Personal Lines Insurance or 40 hour course on Property & Casualty Insurance
  • Bail Bonds – 20 hour course on Bail Bonds

  • Adjuster
  • Property and Casualty Including – 40 hour course on Property & Casualty to include Workers Compensation and Crop
  • Property and Casualty Excluding - 20 hour course on Property & Casualty
  • Workers Compensation - 20 hour course on Workers Compensation
  • Crop - 20 hour course on Crop insurance

  • Title
  • Title - 20 hour course on Title insurance

  • Prelicensing education courses may be taken in a physical classroom or online. Instructors must be well-informed about all aspect of the insurance law and the insurance industry. Upon completion of the pre-licensing course, certificate will be awarded, after which the Alabama insurance examination can take place within one year from the date of the certificate.

    Before you register for the state exam, it is mandatory you have your certificate of completion in hand.

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How do I schedule my exam for the Alabama insurance license?

    The insurance producers and adjusters licenses examination is given by computer at proctored locations within the state of Alabama. Registration should be done online here. The University Of Alabama College Of Continuing Studies administrates the registration and examination in affiliation with the Alabama Department of Insurance.

    You are required to register seven (7) days in advance of your test day for you to be admitted for examination.

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What can I expect at the testing center?

    You will be checked by the proctor at the exam site for your photo identification and your notarized pre-licensing course certificate of completion. The name on your identification and certificate must be the same as the name you registered with for the test. Directives will be given to you for the exam and sit assign to you after you are been checked. The proctor can’t provide answer to any question you have relating to the exam content.

    Lateness to the exam site or if you do not have the necessary identification and certificate, you won’t be allow to take the test. You will have to register for another exam online; don’t forget that all tests must be planned seven days in advance. And for the new test, you will have to pay the registration fee again.

    During the Exam

    Even though the exam is computerized, a calculator will be given to you. Every question is in multiple-choice format and each question has four likely answers. You are free to omit any question without answering them and if time permit, you can go back to answer them before submitting the test. You can also change answer to any question before you submit your test. The number of question you answer correctly will determine your exam score. Also know that every question you do not answer is count as incorrect answer. it is advisable you try answering these question the little you can to avoid poor scores.

    The computer has been timed to alert you automatically how much time you have left. You will be given a “final” warning when the exam time runs out and your examination will be scored based on the questions answered when your time runs out. You are permitted to review your answer after you are through with the exam if time allows you.

    Regulations and Procedures

    It is very significant that you read and understand the following rules:

  • All rooms have a camera (video surveillance).
  • Paper, bags, study materials, purses books, calculators, laptops, cell phones, tablets, beverages and food; these items are not allowed in the testing area.
  • You have to take permission from the proctor before leaving the room as test-taker.
  • Giving or receiving help or copying answers is not allowed by test-takers.
  • Even though you are given the privilege to use calculator, scrap paper is not allowed.
  • Failure to follow all of these regulations and procedures will attract dismissal from the testing center, your exam will not be scored, your registration fee will be forfeited, and your name will be given to the Alabama Department of Insurance for disciplinary measures.

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How do I apply for an insurance license in Alabama?

    A certificate that will prove you have finish and passed the examination will be giving to you at the testing center. Instruction will be given to you on how to complete the application process and you will be given you license as well.

    Within 3-5 days your grades will be reported, electronically, to the state of Alabama Department of Insurance that is if you pass.

    The validity period of the passing certificate after the date of the exam is one year. Make sure you file your license application online within this period with the state of Alabama Department of Insurance.

    Anyone who wants to be licensed as producer, adjuster or title agent who also resides in Alabama needs to complete a fingerprint background check effective from April 1, 2015. You can read more about this and other requirements for the license on the Alabama Department of Insurance's website.

    It is compulsory you undergo the fingerprint background check as soon as you pass your exam. Make sure you are fingerprinted a day before applying for the license. As soon as you are through with the fingerprint background check, just go to the Alabama Department of Insurance’s website. Below Producers/Agents, click on apply for license, then select producer (individual), scroll down to initial licensing process and click on online application. Upon completion of your NIPR electronic resident licensing online application, you will have to wait three days for your grades to appear with NIPR.

    Visit the Alabama Department of Insurance’s website after 5 days to verify license issuance. Click on licensee search below Producers/Agents and complete the form. Go ahead and print your license from the home page as soon as your license is issued.

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Where is the closest testing center to me?

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What ID is acceptable at the testing center?

    You must have valid identification. The following forms of ID are acceptable:

  • Valid driver's license or non-driver photo ID
  • Valid passport
  • Military identification
  • Employee ID card

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How much time do I have to take the Alabama insurance exam? How is the test scored?

    70 percent or more correct answers is considered a passing score. Information specific to each exam is available below.

Exam Alloted Time
L & H (150 Questions) 3 Hours
Life (125 Questions) 2.5 Hours
Health (100 Questions) 2 hours
P & C (150 Questions) 3 Hours
Property (100 Questions) 2 Hours
Casualty (125 Questions) 2.5 Hours
Personal Lines (100 Questions) 2 Hours

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What if I fail the exam?

    If you are scoring over 85% on the TESTivity exam simulator, there is no way you will fail the Alabama state exam! If you do fail an exam, (obviously you did not take our course!) you will need to schedule another exam attempt online; please keep in mind that all tests must be scheduled seven days in advance. You will also need to pay the registration fee again for every attempt. There are waiting periods specific to each attempt, please see below:

Attempt Number Waiting Period
Fail First Attempt No Waiting Period
Fail Second Attempt Wait 90 Days
Fail Third Attempt No Waiting Period
Fail Fourth Attempt Wait 180 Days
Fail Any Attempt After Wait 180 Days After Each Time

    The waiting periods described above expires 24 months after the date of the last failed examination.

    Click here for the Alabama Department of Insurance's Limitations on Repeat Examinations.

    A registration and registration fee is required every time you test. If you fail your exam your fee is Non-Refundable, and a new registration fee will apply for each additional attempt. If you pass your exam your fee is also Non-Refundable. For additional information click here to review the State of Alabama website, Department of Insurance Regulations, 482-1-151-.06

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What things from my past might render me ineligable to work as an insurance agent in Alabama?

    Here in Alabama, committing any of the following acts could result to denial, suspension or revocation of an insurance license:

  • Giving out incomplete, incorrect, misleading, or materially untrue information in any application or in any communication to the commissioner.
  • Acquiring or trying to acquire a license through falsification or fraud.
  • Deliberately misrepresenting the conditions of any actual or proposed insurance contract or application for insurance.
  • Admitting to or been discovered to have committed any insurance unfair trade practice or fraud.
  • For convincing, advising, or inducing any policyholder to give up or cancel any policy of insurance issued to the policyholder by any approved insurer in exchange for a policy provided by the licensee where the cancellation or surrender shall proximately lead to the financial loss of such policyholder, except the policyholder have been fully educated of that fact by the licensee.
  • Using coercive, fraudulent, dishonest practices, untrustworthiness, demonstrating incompetence, or financial irresponsibility in the conduct of business under a license in this state or elsewhere.
  • Wrongly withholding, converting or misappropriating, any monies or properties owned to the insured, insurers, or others received by the licensee in the exercise of his or her license.
  • Violating any legitimate order, insurance laws, subpoena, rule, or regulation, issued by the commissioner or issued by another state's insurance commissioner.
  • Being convicted of a felony in the last 10 years.
  • Having had a denied, suspended, or revoked insurance producer license, or its equivalent from any other state, province, district, or territory.
  • Using another's name to apply for insurance or any document related to an insurance transaction (forgery).
  • Incorrectly using notes or any other reference material to finish an examination for an insurance license.
  • Intentionally accepting insurance business from someone who is not licensed.
  • Not complying with an administrative or court order imposing a child support obligation.
  • Not abiding by any administrative or court order directing payment of state income tax or not paying the state income tax.

  • This, of course, is NOT an all inclusive list. If you do have any "skeletons in your closet" use the disclosure form at the bottom of this page.

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Will my Alabama insurance license expire? How do I renew my license?

    Yes. Your Alabama insurance license will expire after 2 years.

    All renewal process must be handled electronically because this is required by The Alabama Department of Insurance. The National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR) will be processing the online renewals via their website, effective from on the 29th day of September, 2008. Note that paper renewal form will not be accepted by The Alabama Department of Insurance. If used, it will be returned to you and you will be instructed to use the online procedure.

    The renewal of personal Producer licenses is done during the Producer’s birth month once in every two years based on the producer’s birth year. The renewal can be done 45 days before the end of the licensee’s birth month and 30 days after the last day of their birth which is grace period, with a late fee of $50 which is inclusive to the regular renewal fee. The license will expire if not renewed before the end of the grace period.

    Upon expiration, you are eligible to reinstate your license for a period of 12 months immediately your license expire from the last day of your birth month, without the need of passing a written examination or completing the pre-licensing course . Nevertheless, the reissue process must completed and through NIPR. You have to meet up with your Continuing Education requirements, for you to complete your license renewal.

    In order to complete your license renewal, you must have met your Continuing Education requirements.

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Will the Alabama Department of Insurance give me a hard copy of my License?

    No, but you can print your license here.

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What is an "appointment"? How do I get one?

    As of July 1, 2010, any title insurance agent or producer, including a title insurance agent or business entity producer, per acting on behalf of an insurer, must be appointed by the insurer. If any insurer accepts business from a person not licensed for that line of authority directly and not appointed by the insurer, such person will be fined three times more of whatever payment received from the person.

    In Alabama, every title insurer or insurer assigning a title insurance agent or a producer, as well as a title insurance agent or business entity producer, as of July 1, 2010 per Bulletin 2010-06, shall file a notice of the appointment with the DOI for the period of 15 days of the date the agency contract is carried out or the first insurance application is submitted, whichever one that happens first. The Insurer must tender a Notice of Producer Appointment through the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR).

    hard copy forms are no longer accepted in Alabama.

    The actual appointment fee is $30, but NIPR will likely charge additional transaction fees.

    Note that a temporary license can only be valid if the temporary producer is sponsored and appointed by an underwriting company. It will take the company 14 days to appoint a license number once an applicant is issued a license number. You can’t have a business written until an appointment is added. The license will be cancelled if by 15 days the applicant is not appointed. Pending the time a permanent license is issued, producers working with a temporary license can only write for their subsidiaries and/or one company.

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If my legal name has changed how do I update my records with the Department? How long do I have to do this?

    According to Section 27-7-17(B), Code of Alabama 1975:

    "Licensees shall inform the commissioner by any means acceptable to the commissioner of a change in legal name or address within 30 days of the change. Failure to timely inform the commissioner of a change in legal name or address shall result in a penalty of fifty dollars ($50)."

    This applies to producers, business entity producers and service representatives according to Section 27-7-17(a).

    Click here for your own personal copy of the official Alabama Department of Insurance name change request form...Take 2, they are free.

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Does Alabama have a Continuing Ed (CE) requirement to maintain an insurance license?

    Yes. Continuing Education (CE) is needed to keep the eligibility to obtain a renewal license unless exempt. CE can be done by self-study, classroom, online instruction, and/or seminar acquired from a licensed provider. CE credits are awarded for successfully finishing a commended course offered by an licensed provider.

    People licensed under Alabama State that are not exempt are mandated to adequately complete courses according to its approval within 24 hours per biennial reporting period. Starting from January 1, 2013, surplus credit hours gained during the past biennial renewal period would not be transferrable to the next reporting period. So any surplus credit would be lost.

    No approved course will receive credit more than once in any reporting period. Persons or people licensed for less than one year during their first renewal are not expected to finalize the educational necessities, but is obligated to claim the CE exemption in time of renewal through NIPR.

    Any person lecturing a standard course of instruction or handling an approved program or seminar is expected to qualify for similar time duration as would be approved to an individual undergoing and successfully finishing such course and/or seminar.

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How much does it cost to get an Insurance license in Alabama?

    The Testing center will charge you $50, The TESTivity Virtual Learing Experience is $134 (unless you have a Coupon Code) and the great state of Alabama will charge according to this table:



Application Fee (for filing initial application) $20
License Fee (for filing initial application) $80
Late Fee (only if paid month after birth month) $40
Biennial Renewal Fee $80
Reissue Fee (within 365 days) $160

Business Entities:

Application Fee $20
License Fee $200
Biennial Renewal Fee $200
Reinstatement Fee (within 30 days of expiration) $300
Reissue Fee (within 365 days) $80

    All fees for online processes thru NIPR are paid by credit card. Visa, Mastercard, and American Express payments will be accepted. A $5.00 NIPR transaction fee will be charged for each initial and renewal transaction on top of the required state fee, for all license types.

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If my Alabama insurance license has lapsed can I get it back without re-testing?

    If a producer’s license is not renewed within the producer’s birth month, the producer’s license will expire. The producer can renew with a $50.00 late fee plus the renewal fee within the 30 days grace following expiration. If during this period the license is not renewed, the license will expire and all company appointment will be cancelled.

    A producer may have their license reinstated within 12 months of expiration without taking the exam by going online at If the producer attempts to have a license reissue for the 2018 renewal year in 2018 and he or she happens to be born in an even-year, the reissue would cost $40. While if the producer attempts to have a license reissue for the 2017 renewal year in 2018 and he or she happens to be born in an odd- year, the reissue would cost $80. The producer gets reappointed immediately the license if reissued.

    Previous producers must undergo the pre-licensing course and retest before reapplying for license when they don’t have a license for more than one year.

    Reinstatement Procedures

    Before January 1, 2002, once an insurance manager fails to renew a license on time, it was suspended. To replace a license that has been suspended because of nonrenewal, please follow the guide below:

    Request in writing for the suspension to be lifted and make sure that the producer’s address, name and social security number is included. A mail will be sent containing an order and settlement agreement with a cover letter showing the due amount and additional instructions. The Producer is expected to mail it back with any due money and letter of certificate or continuing education, if necessary after signing and updating the date of the settlement agreement.

    The letter should be sent to:

    Alabama Department of Insurance
    Attn: Legal Division
    P. O. Box 303351
    Montgomery, Alabama 36130-3351

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I heard the there are “experimental” questions on the test that do not count towards my final score...Is this true?

    Yes. Adding to the number of examination items indicated in the "Examination Content Outlines", a small number (5 to 10) of "experimental" questions may be given to candidates throughout the examinations. The time spent to answer the questions will not read against the examination time and the questions will not be scored. The management of such experimental and non scored questions is an important step in developing upcoming licensing examinations. This is applicable in all states, not just Alabama.

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When will I know if I have passed the exam?

    Your score will be made available to you at the testing center upon conclusion of the examination. For you to pass the insurance licensing examination in Alabama you are expected to attain at least 70% score. You will be given a successful score report if you pass. If you fail, a diagnostic report signifying your weakness and strength would be given to you.

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On test day, should I get to the test site early?


    On the day of your test, these conditions must be met for admittance to the test (according to the testing center, anyway).

    1. You are mandated to be on ground 15 minutes prior to the stipulated exam time. Being punctual avails the proctor the time to verify your information.

    You will not be allowed to sit for the test if you arrive the exam site late or if you do not meet the identification and certificate requirement. If this happens, you will be left with no other choice than to re-register online for the next exam; note that all exams are to be scheduled in advance (seven days). For the new scheduled test, you will have to pay for the registration again.

    2. You are expected to have a notarized copy of your pre-licensing course Certificate of Completion.

  • Name on certificate and name on identification must be the same with the name on exam registration.
  • Validity of certificates of completion is valid for one year starting from date it was issued.
  • The original or copy of the certificate of course completion is acceptable.
  • Notary signature and notary stamp must be shown on certificate
  • Pre-licensing course must be equivalent to the test.

  • 3. You must tender a valid identification; either of the following forms of ID is acceptable:

  • Valid driver's license or non-driver photo ID
  • Valid passport
  • Military identification
  • Employee ID card

  • Helpful information

    For extra information about the testing center, do not forget to visit our Test Tips page for advice on how to pass the Alabama insurance license exam.

    1. To avoid horrible surprises on the day of the test, ensure you devote your time and read all of the available information on this website.
    2. Being punctual at least 15 minutes before the exam will enable you avoid unnecessary stress before taking your examination.
    3. Work on your computer skills so as to avoid nervousness during the exam because the exam is taken on a computer.
    4. Find out ahead of time what topics will be on the state exams by using the TESTivity Virtual Learning Experience.
    5. Jot down your exam time, date, and plan your route to the location beforehand. Click here for Directions.
    6. Ensure you come with a sweater or jacket to the exam center to prevent feeling cold because the exam sites may be a bit hotter or cooler than expected.
    7. In case you don’t get your confirmation letter via email, please call 205-348-0633 or send an email containing your name and confirmation number to and test center staff will get back to you.

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What if English is my second language? Can I take the Alabama insurance licensing exam in Spanish?

    At this time the state of Alabama makes no concessions for ESL insurance license candidates.

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If I am licensed in another state do I have to take an exam to get an Alabama non-resident producer’s insurance license?

    No. Alabama generally has reciprocity with other states. Provided that your application and fees have been properly submitted to the Alabama Department of Insurance, and your license in your home state is in good standing, Alabama will issue a non-resident license to an individual or organization holding the same license in their resident state.

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Where can I get the forms referenced on this page?

    In Alabama most things are done online through NIPR, but some things are either handy or required to have in hard copy. Below are some important forms (downloadable and printable) related to the insurance licensing process in Alabama.

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  • Quizzes and Exam Simulator
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