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The TESTivity Virtual Learning Experience is a web based pre-license course that includes all the study material you could possibly need to prepare for (and pass) your Virginia Life, Accident & Health, Property & Casualty and Investment License exams.

--Matt Williams CLU, ChFC, CFP®


Simply because it is the best way to prepare for the Virginia insurance exam, at our insurance school we strongly suggest you enroll in the full test prep course--Virtual Learning Experience. To accommodate those Virginian insurance license candidates who only need part of the course, you may purchase prelicense study material/learning tools separately below.

The full course includes ALL of these learning tools.

What our students have to say...

I can't say enough good things about Latitude Online Insurance School.

The training is comprehensive, easy to understand and was the main reason for my success in the state exam.

Obviously, you get as much out of any training as the energy you put into it, but I enjoyed every minute of the online courses and tutorials. I was able to spend as much time as needed on each individual lesson, since the way the information is presented makes it easy for even a relative novice to understand.

This is by far the best program I've ever worked with and highly recommend it.

--Raymond, Life & Health Course

Wouldn’t change a thing!

It seems like they have this course perfected. I love the package deal you get for the price you pay.

--Lauren, Property & Casualty Course

Virginia Insurance School Study Material for the Licensing Exam--Product Samples

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Virginia Insurance Exam PreLicense Video Course

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Virginia Insurance Exam Virtual Text Book

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Virginia Insurance License Exam Audio Course

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Learning Games for the Virginia Insurance Exam

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Mind Mapping Graphics--Virginia Insurance Test Prep

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Online Virginia Insurance Exam Flash Cards 

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Virginia Insurance Test Practice Questions & Exam Simulator 

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Glossary of Insurance License Exam Terms

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Personal Coach--Virginia Insurance Exam Expert

EVERYTHING is included in our online Virginia insurance license course, the TESTivity Virtual Learning Experience.

Everything you need to know about how to get an insurance license in Virginia...

What are the questions on the Virginia insurance exam like? Do you have any sample insurance test questions?

    The questions in our insurance exam simulator are VERY representative of the questions on the Virginia state licensing exam. Here are a couple examples of what you can expect:
Virginia Insurance School Sample Practice Questions from the Licensing Exam

Virginia Property & Casualty Exam Questions

An Attorney-in-Fact handles the administration and marketing of:

  1. Stock insurer
  2. Fraternal organization
  3. Reciprocal insurer
  4. Mutual insurer

Virginia Life & Health Exam Questions

As it relates to life insurance policies, loading refers to?

  1. Assignment of the company's mortality charge to each policy
  2. The Funds that the insurer is required by law to make available to cover policy benefits
  3. The dividends paid to stock holders who have non-participating policies
  4. A charge representing the appropriate share of the insurers operating expenses to each policy

Virginia Insurance Regulations

In Virginia, making false statements on an application is:

  1. A violation of the doctrine of adhesion
  2. A morale hazard
  3. Acceptable, if the statements are material
  4. A moral hazard

Answer: C

The party who acts as principle of a reciprocal insurance is known as an attorney-in-fact.

Answer: D

A charge (loading) is made for expenses, which is the basic operating cost of the company and includes a profit factor. When a policy owner makes a premium payment, part of the premium is used to meet expenses and part is held in reserve to meet future claim commitments.

Answer: D 

A moral hazard is a dishonest applicant, one who lies about his/her medical history, occupation or hobbies or files a false claim.

Insurance exam practice questions and the exam simulator are included in our online Virginia insurance license course, the TESTivity Virtual Learning Experience.

You can get more free insurance exam sample questions and and lots of other cool stuff on our Insurance Licensing Test Tips page (near the bottom under FREE insurance exam practice tests).


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Where is your Virginia insurance school located?

    The best way to prepare for your Virginia insurance exam is through the TESTivity Virtual Learning Experience, which is entirely online. Occasionally we are asked to provide a live insurance test prep class for a large group. When we teach class in the Casper area we use the Richmond Willow Business Tower conference room located at:

    1518 Willow Lawn Drive, Richmond, VA 23230


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The Virginia Insurance Licensing Exam Virtual Learning Experience is AMAZING! This package includes EVERYTHING you need to pass the Virginia insurance licensing exam!

  • Interactive Video Course
  • Virtual Textbook
  • Audio Reinforcement
  • Virtual Flash Cards
  • TESTivity Mind Maps
  • Interactive Crossword Puzzles
  • Quizzes and Exam Simulator
Virtual Learning Experience--Virginia

Virginia Insurance School

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