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The TESTivity Virtual Learning Experience is a web based pre-license course that includes all the study material you could possibly need to prepare for (and pass) your Vermont Life, Accident & Health, Property & Casualty and Investment License exams.

--Matt Williams CLU, ChFC, CFP®


Simply because it is the best way to prepare for the Vermont insurance exam, at our insurance school we strongly suggest you enroll in the full test prep course--Virtual Learning Experience. To accommodate those Vermont insurance license candidates who only need part of the course, you may purchase prelicense study material/learning tools separately below.

The full course includes ALL of these learning tools.

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"...very impressed..."

I am very impressed with the care and the structure of the Latitude Online’s insurance course It is truly designed to help all individuals learn both simple and complex insurance terms and concepts and more importantly, assist people in passing professional insurance licensure exams. This course contains information in a multitude of modes, meaning that it covers many types of learners: auditory, visual and even tactile through the interactive learning components. The visual learner can read and gain information through images and mind maps. The auditory learner is greatly enhanced by the use of video and being able to hear the information spoken. The tactile learner can use the interactive models to learn by a sense of touch and play.

--Beau, Vermont P&C Insurance Licensing Course

Wouldn’t change a thing!

It seems like they have this course perfected. I love the package deal you get for the price you pay.

--Lauren, Property & Casualty Course

Vermont Insurance School Study Material for the Licensing Exam--Product Samples

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Vermont Insurance Exam Virtual Text Book

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Learning Games for the Vermont Insurance Exam

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Mind Mapping Graphics--Vermont Insurance Test Prep

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Online Vermont Insurance Exam Flash Cards 

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Glossary of Insurance License Exam Terms

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Personal Coach--Vermont Insurance Exam Expert

EVERYTHING is included in our online Vermont insurance license course, the TESTivity Virtual Learning Experience.

Everything you need to know about how to get an insurance license in Vermont...

What are the questions on the Vermont insurance exam like? Do you have any sample insurance test questions?

    The questions in our insurance exam simulator are VERY representative of the questions on the Vermont state licensing exam. Here are a couple examples of what you can expect:
Vermont Insurance School Sample Practice Questions from the Licensing Exam

Vermont Property & Casualty Exam Questions

A statement made by an applicant for insurance, which is true to the best of his/her knowledge, is a:

  1. Warranty
  2. Representation
  3. Misrepresentation
  4. Sworn statement

Vermont Life & Health Exam Questions

Insurance companies must allow the insured to convert a variable life policy to another type of insurance policy without a medical examination:

  1. If the original policy has been in force less than two years
  2. If the original policy was issued by another insurer
  3. If new coverage is lower than the original policy
  4. If the new premium is higher than the original

Vermont Insurance Regulations

When is it acceptable for a Virginia resident producer to co-mingle personal funds with a client's funds?

  1. Only in an emergency
  2. If written records are maintained
  3. If the client is elderly
  4. Never

Answer: B

Representations are statements made on the application that are substantially true to the best knowledge of the applicant. If a statement is made on an application that the applicant knows is false, it is a misrepresentation, and may constitute fraud. If the insurer can prove that the misrepresentation was made intentionally, it may void the contract. A warranty is a statement that is guaranteed to be truthful.

Answer: A

All variable contracts must be convertible (at the discretion of the owner) into fixed contracts for at least 24 months from issuance to accommodate investors who may not have initially understood the risks associated with variable contracts.

Answer: D 

It is never acceptable for a producer to co-mingle personal funds with a client's funds.

Insurance exam practice questions and the exam simulator are included in our online Vermont insurance license course, the TESTivity Virtual Learning Experience.

You can get more free insurance exam sample questions and and lots of other cool stuff on our Insurance Licensing Test Tips page (near the bottom under FREE insurance exam practice tests).


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Where is your Vermont insurance school located?

    The best way to prepare for your Vermont insurance exam is through the TESTivity Virtual Learning Experience, which is entirely online. Occasionally we are asked to provide a live insurance test prep class for a large group. When we teach class in the Shelburne area we use the Bluewater Office Building conference room located at:

    145 Pine Haven Shores Road, Shelburne, VT 05482


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The Vermont Insurance Licensing Exam Virtual Learning Experience is AMAZING! This package includes EVERYTHING you need to pass the Vermont insurance licensing exam!

  • Interactive Video Course
  • Virtual Textbook
  • Audio Reinforcement
  • Virtual Flash Cards
  • TESTivity Mind Maps
  • Interactive Crossword Puzzles
  • Quizzes and Exam Simulator
Virtual Learning Experience--Vermont

Vermont Insurance School

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