Real estate agents should SERIOUSLY consider obtaining a P&C license.

Posted by Matt Williams on Tuesday, March 18, 2014 Under: Careers
If you saw $100 laying on the ground you would pick it up and put it in your pocket, wouldn't you?  If you are a successful real estate agent and you do not have your Property and Casualty Insurance license you are leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the ground every year.  Think about it...The mortgage company is going to require the homeowner to carry homeowners' insurance; it is a slam dunk sale for you to offer the policy to your buyer.  You are already seen as trust worthy in their eyes, it will be the easiest sale (and commission) you've ever made.

All real estate agents should get licensed to sell homeowners' insurance! You should sell a homeowners' insurance policy every time you sell a house.  In the end you are doing you client a favor by cutting out another salesman. 

Here's the best part...The P&C insurance test is a whole lot easier than the real estate exam!  In order to successfully prepare for the insurance exam, you will need to take an insurance license course. There are many schools and courses out there but they are not all equal.  You want to take the course that offers you the best tools for being able to pass the insurance exam.  

If you are currently working, finding time to attend classes for the necessary hours can be a challenge, if not impossible.  This is why many insurance license applicants turn to online insurance schools in order to take the required coursework and prep for the exam.  
The best online insurance school should offer more than just the basic classes, it should offer a comprehensive learning environment that will help applicants study and prep for the exam, helping to ensure that they will pass the insurance exam and get their insurance license.
At, we offer the TESTivity Virtual Learning Experience.  We understand that not everybody learns the same way; some of us are auditory learners, others are visual, and some of us are kinesthetic learners.  Because not everybody learns the same way, our innovative program has a variety of ways to help students learn, study, prep and practice.

The TESTivitiy Virtual Learning Experience includes the textbooks but that is not the only way that the material can be learned.  When you purchase one of our licensing courses of study, you get more than just a textbook and a practice exam. You get total learning support in a variety of ways, so that no matter how you learn best, we have something tailored just for you. 

Our TESTivitiy Virtual Learning Experience has textbooks, videos, flash cards, audio files, games, and mind maps.  We have made learning easy by offering a variety of learning tools that suit every learning style.  We also have practice exams and test tips on our website to help make sure that our students pass.  There are many online insurance schools out there, but we are the only one that ensures that our insurance and securities students are able to get the tools that they need to succeed.

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